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About Us

Welcome to Medical Corner Doctors. We are a modern general practice caring for approximately 7000 patients. We pride ourselves on offering a range of high quality health services with a personal touch. We are a close knit team of vocationally trained GPs, highly skilled nurses and helpful receptionists. We are fortunate to practise in the growing and pleasant semi-rural town of Rangiora. 


We have Cornerstone accreditation which is a certificate issued by the Royal NZ College of General Practice to those practices that have achieved a high standard of performance. Our premises, procedures and staff have undergone intense evaluation and we are proud of being recognised as a centre of excellence for family medicine. We have onging Cornerstone reaccreditation visit in 2017. Medical Corner Doctors is a teaching practice so we have medical and nursing students sitting in from time to time. 

All our GPs offer family health care and we have a strong children's health focus. We are well set up to deal with accidents with an operating room for suturing, applying dressings and plastering of minor fractures. All GPs do minor surgery.  Drs Tapper and Walsh have an interest in sports medicine. Drs Archer and Torkington perform gynaecological procedures.

Nurses are highly valued at Medical Corner Doctors and as well as assisting the GPs they have their own Nurse Clinics where they offer a wide range of services. We also offer a snoring clinic and a travel vaccination clinic.


Suggestions/ Complaints

We welcome all your feedback, both good and bad. We have a suggestion box in our waiting room or if you would like to make a complaint in person please contact our practice manager, Rachael Pickles