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Medical Corner Doctors is a member of the Rural Canterbury Primary Health Organisation (RCPHO) which provides funding and subsidised care for our enrolled patients. The benefits of enrolling are:

*   Subsidised consultations
*   Free consultations for under 13 year olds.
*   Lower prescription charges for prescriptions filled at your pharmacy.
*   Entry onto screening programmes, e.g.: Cervical Screening, Breast Screening, and the National Childhood Immunisation programme.
*   Potential eligibility for Care Plus (for patients with chronic or complicated health issues  - ask your doctor for more details)
*   Free palliative care visits
*   Free annual diabetes check-ups.
*   Up to six free sexual health/contraception consultations per year if you are under 21 years old.
*   Reduced costs when you need a longer consultation for mental health issues.


Being a member of the RCPHO also gives you access to many additional services that include:

*   Chronic disease management
*   Māori support services
*   Mental health support including free Brief Intervention Counselling
*   Health promotion services

 Eligibility to enrol

Your entitlement to subsidised health care is dependent on your residency status.  The eligibility criteria are:

*   A New Zealand citizen.
*   Holds a resident visa or permanent resident permit and has been lawfully in New Zealand for a minimum of 2 years or is an Australian citizen able to demonstrate intent to stay in New Zealand for a minimum of 2 years or a work permit holder able to demonstrate that is able to be in New Zealand for a minimum of 2 years.
*   Refugee
*   Other - the grounds for entitlement needs to be provided.

Please see the following  guide to eligibility or more information, or speak to the Practice Manager if you have any questions about eligibility to enrol.

 What happens to your enrolment information?

The information on your enrolment form will be added to the enrolment register at Medical Corner Doctors and the RCPHO.  The register is sent to the Ministry of Health where your information will remain confidential.  The Ministry of Health needs this information to:

*   Calculate the funding that is given to the PHO from the Government to subsidise a range of health services
*   Correct your details on the National Health Index
*   Monitor the quality of care provided

How to enrol at Medical Corner Doctors?

You can call in and collect the following form or download it here. One form is needed for each person enrolling. The Ministry of Health now require that you bring evidence of your citizenship with you when enrolling, i.e. your passport or birth certificate.

Download Enrolment Form