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Before School Check

The Before School Check is the eighth and final check in the national Well Child / Tamariki Ora health programme. The programme aims to identify any health concern that may affect a child’s ability to learn in the school environment.  In Canterbury most Before School Checks are delivered in General Practice.

All four year old children are eligible to have a Before School Check. This is a free service. The checks are provided by registered nurses who have completed the Before School Check training programme. A free general practice consultation is offered for any child identified as requiring a follow up consultation as a result of the check.

The check is only completed with parental participation and consent.

The check includes:

*   advice and support for parents about child health and development
*   a child health questionnaire
*   a hearing and vision screen
*   an oral health screen
*   socialisation and development monitoring
*   height and weight measurements, and
*   referrals to specialist services if the child appears to have problems that require further support or investigation, for example, speech and/or language development.


Further information is also available on the Ministry of Health website