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Diabetes Care

Diabetes Annual Reviews (Get Checked) have been replaced with a Diabetes Care Improvement Package (DCIP). Funding is provided to each general practice team to improve and manage its own population with diabetes. It is expected that this funding is utilized for people with the highest risk of complications.  All people with diabetes will continue to receive a baseline minimum standard of care with their general practice team.

The definition of baseline minimum standard for care;

*   Retinal Screening – this should occur at least every 2 years and can be provided by Christchurch Hospital Eye Outpatient Department of a registered community provider.
*   Foot Screening- this should be done at least every 2 years.
*   Blood Pressure
*   Weight and Body Mass Index
*   HbA1c blood test – to check how your blood glucose levels are ( at least every year)
*   Cholesterol blood test- check as required in discussion with your GP
*   Kidney functions – this is checked with a blood and urine test

Your practice team will be aware of other support services available to you. These may include green prescription, education classes through the diabetes centre and support from specialist services such as the community based diabetes dietitian and nurses specialists.


Services available under the Diabetes Care Improvement Package:

*   DCS (Diabetes Complications Screening )
*   Diabetes High needs  ( DiabHN)
*   Diabetes Education (DiabED)
*   Diabetes nail care (Diabnail)
*   Diabetes Dressings High Need (DiabDR)