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Several immunisation programs, involving children and adults are currently in progress in Rural Canterbury. The purpose of vaccination is to provide protection against potentially serious vaccine preventable diseases and these groups are considered to be at increased risk of developing complications from these diseases, some of which may have long term consequences.


The majority of vaccinations in New Zealand are given within the general practice setting. The National Immunisation schedule has been designed to provide the greatest level of protection to children and to certain groups of adults. The National Schedule offers vaccination, free of charge, against nine vaccine preventable diseases to children aged from six weeks to sixteen years of age. The majority of childhood vaccinations are given in General Practices.

In order to get maximum benefit from the vaccines it is important that children receive vaccinations at the recommended times including booster doses. For this reason, parents will receive reminders when vaccinations are due and will be invited to make an appointment with their doctor. Information about childhood vaccines can be obtained from several sources and parents are encouraged to discuss any concerns about immunisation with their GP, Practice Nurse or well child provider.

Elderly people and those with chronic medical conditions are at risk of developing serious complications if they have influenza. For this reason, the influenza vaccine is free of charge to patients who meet the criteria. The vaccine is available till the end of July (end of August for 2015). Information about these vaccination programs can be found on the following website.

General information and advice:
Immunisation Advisory Centre