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Man's Check Up  

This comprehensive check up covers the following: 

Identifies health risks (this invlolves a questionnaire).

Physical examination

Healthy Heart management plan

Prostate health discussion *

Blood test (for Cholesterol, Diabetes, Anaemia)

Bowel Cancer screening (where appropriate)

Mole and skin checks and referral where appropriate.

Urine testing


The cost of the check up is $190.00, and there are also optional extras including:

Resting ECG  - $40.00 (or referral for exercise ECG)

Cholesterol dietary advice  - $20.00

Snoring assessment - fully funded if clinically indicated.


*Prostate Health Assessment There is no national screening programme for prostate cancer and it is up to the individual man to decide for himself, in consultation with his GP, whether he wishes to have his prostate checked. This may involve a Digital Rectal Exam (DRE) and a blood test for Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA). The PSA blood test is currently the best test for picking up early cancer change but it is somewhat unreliable in that there may be false positive and false negative results. We think it is essential that all men are well informed about the implications prior to PSA testing. We have an excellent brochure available and your GP will want to discuss the issues with you before ordering a PSA blood test.


When booking your man's check up appointment you will be given a questionaire to fill in prior to your appointment and also a blood test form. Please get your bloods taken one week before your Man's Check Up appointment so that the results are availbale at the time of your consultation. Allow one hour for the check up.