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Travel Clinic


More New Zealanders travel overseas now than ever before. Each person presents with a unique history and an anticipated itinerary with varied destinations and expectations.

Several years ago we realized that such was the demand for up to date travel advice and vaccination in our community that we should set up Medical Corner Travel Clinic. 

At Medical Corner Doctors we can provide you with a comprehensive travel service that includes

*   up to date, destination specific information
*   vaccination guidelines and potential requirements
*   general travel advice (including malaria, food and water safety and rabies)
*   medical assessment prior to travel for those travelling who have health concerns and illnesses
*   education on the prevention and, if needed, self-treatment of travel related diseases
*   vaccinations as required (including yellow fever)

 Fill in the form below (1 form per person) and drop it in to us. We will have a look at your proposed itinerary and then make an appointment in our Travel Clinic for you.